Royston Tracy by Andy Roberts

Time Between Times
Maria Lynch
Perl Records

"Originally hailing from Royston, Barnsley, Maria Lynch is a schoolteacher with an inspiring ability to pen songs that could easily find mainstream success on the strength of this, her debut album. The market that springs to mind is the Tracy Chapman, Fairground Attraction, Beautiful South and Simply Red set. The, dare-we-say, more mature audience who can propel the talented unknown from a chance play on Radio Two to the top of the album charts through a zillion impulse supermarket purchases.
That's not a criticism by the way. Time Between Times works even for this cynical hack brought up on a diet of loud guitars, just as it would for the once in a blue moon album buyer who considers Norah Jones cutting edge.
Heavily influenced by Tracy Chapman, Maria has been singing in bands for years, but got fed up with the covers circuit and made the decision to go it alone, persuading friends and family to invest in this classiy (if a tad over-produced) recorded album. It showcases 15 well-structured songs from the heart that tap into an emotional vein and seem to become pleasantly familiar in just a few short spins. There With You is a smart contemporary ballad with a delectably lazy vibe whereas Clever Clogs is more soft rock. You get the impression there's a few demons to slay here and there in the delectably sung lyrics - do we detect a heartbreak somewhere along the line?
Whatever the case, Ms Lynch isn't going to be played for a fool or taken for granted anymore. Time Between Times demonstrates a great talent from a singer/songwriter that - given justice in the world- would be a household name by now."

Time Between Times is available from Borders in Leeds and all Fopp music stores nationally or through the website

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