Matthew Delaney -

Matthew began playing drums aged 11.Having lived in Johannesburg for 3 years he encountered a lot of African tribal music, which would eventually drive him towards taking lessons.

After studying at Huddersfield technical college and Huddersfield University Matthew went on to play with a variety of bands. These artistes included: - "Panic Station" a club covers band, "Hot Legs" a dubious sounding 80s covers band with whom he toured just about every NAAFI base in Europe, Roy Castle- say no more-this man was a legend-, The Bachelors, Peter Sarstedt, Barbara Thomson… the list is ending rapidly.

Having originally joined Maria's band as an auxiliary percussionist and keyboard player, Matthew soon became bored and frustrated with such menial tasks, and he took to fighting petty crime under a pseudonym whilst wearing a mask and really tight trousers. Maria pitied him greatly, and although neither he nor any other band member is ever credited with anything, she now calls him her drummer. He also provides backing vocals that could be described shrill, in the Robin Gibb sense of the word.
Now working as Head of Percussion at Kirklees Music School and as a freelance musician, Matt has broadened his horizons and has found the time to sing and play keyboards with those reprobates of pop, "A Flock of Beagles".
When he is not singing with The Beagles or drumming with his other main gig "The James Alexander Set " dance band, Matt can be found shouting incoherently at the Mcalpine Stadium -home of the legendary Huddersfield town football club.
He relishes every moment that he gets to play as part of Maria's band.

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