Hywel Roberts - bass/piano/strings

After playing the violin for a number of years and being on the receiving end of a lot of beatings for doing so, Hywel opted for taking on a larger instrument. The double bass looked far more impressive than a violin and the beatings stopped. After playing in a variety of pit orchestras, jazz bands, classical orchestras and so on, Hywel tried something new and formed a college band, inanely monikered THROB, who successfully toured a number of sticky-floored dimly lit venues. On gaining his degree Hywel was ready to face the world.

After a couple of years in a musical wilderness Hywel met some like-minded individuals and formed a covers band: the wonderful A FLOCK OF BEAGLES, who are presently available for gigs, weddings and so on. At this point, the double bass was providing an interesting talking point in Hywel's house but that was about it. After all, the bass guitar was much easier to carry around. Then he met Maria with whom he has worked to help form PERL RECORDS and the debut album. When he finds the time Hywel acts in local theatre groups, writes stage drama, plays the piano and is attempting to notch up a number of television appearances.

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